The Budget Explorer is here, with budget data from Fiscal Year 2013. It is no longer annually updated.

There are many other fine budget simulations on the Web:

When I started this site in 1996, it was one of only two Web-based budget simulations. I wanted to test Java applets, which were new at that time, and they performed admirably for this purpose.

Now, changes in technology have forced a decision whether to rewrite this site. However, there is no longer a need, because so many other people are doing such fine work. These newer simulations are spreading the word that our country's fiscal policies are unsustainable.

For his expertise in Web education, I am grateful to Tom March of, and to the many other folks who helped me improve this site. To have my work used in schools and colleges, and to hear from appreciative students and educators, has been a most wonderful and rewarding experience.

So long, and thanks for all the visits!